Challenge Overview
Large Scale Product Recognition Challenge

Products-10k production recognition challenge is organized in conjunction with ICPR 2020. Given an image of product, participants are challenged to develop an algorithm recognizing the product at SKU-level. The main difficulties lie in the large amount of products labels, and fine-grained details of similar products. Top-1 and Top-5 accuracy is measured to rank each submission.

Individuals and teams with top submissions will present their work at the workshop.

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Dataset Overview
Products-10k: Large Scale Product Recognition Dataset

All of the images in our Products-10k dataset are collected from the online shopping website Ten thousand frequently bought SKUs are contained in the dataset. All SKUs are organized into a hierarchical structure. There are nearly 190,000 images in total. Respect to the practical application scenes, the distribution of image amount is unbalanced. All images are manually checked/labeled by the production expert team.

Dataset Downloads
Download Products-10K dataset

Products-10k download link: OneDrive or on JD Pan [PassCode: kecp4a](Faster download speed in China) website. The ground-truth labels are also released (including the validation set for Public Leaderboard, and the test set for Private Leaderboard.)

Orgnizers of Products-10k Large Scale Products Recognition Challenge

Yuxiang Chen
JDAI Research

Linfang Wang
JDAI Research

Wei Yu
JDAI Research

Yalong Bai
JDAI Research

Jiawei Zuo
JDAI Research

Wen-Huang Cheng

Wei Zhang
JDAI Research

Tao Mei
JDAI Research